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When will you start allowing creators to register onion sites?

I know that free speech is not really the underlying tenant of the BAT project, but it's existence and continued work have many parallels to free speech absolutists like myself. As such, I ensure that all work I publish is primarily published on an onion site and only mirrored to clearnet.
I have all my clearnet mirrors registered, but cannot (as of yet) register any any my onion sites. I realize that some onion operators may not want to KYC so it could feel like a pointless endeveor, but there are some large onion sites who's publishers are publicly known including WikiLeaks, Facebook, DuckDuckGo, TorProject, to name a few.
Can you please consider taking this on as a serious endeavor?
As an aside, many alternate DNS site registrations would be cool as well. A short (abbreviated) list would include.
There are many more. Look at this list of darknet services.
PS. Obviously allowing users to opt-in to rewards in Tor-mode would be required for the .onion stuff.
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Weekly Update: ParGas is live, 2gether at South Summit, $ETHOS rebrand, updated $1UP tokenomics... – 27 Sep - 3 Oct'19

Weekly Update: ParGas is live, 2gether at South Summit, $ETHOS rebrand, updated $1UP tokenomics... – 27 Sep - 3 Oct'19
Hi everyone! Here’s your week at Parachute + partners (27 Sep - 3 Oct'19):

ParGas went live this week. From now on, you will get an additional option to pay for gas in $PAR when making ERC20 withdrawals from ParJar. Epic! Read all about it here. In this week’s Parena, Samuel defeated Martha in a quick finale to take home the lion’s share of the 100k $PAR pot. The #PAR4PAR contest entered stage 4. 200k $PAR in prizes. Insane! In this week’s Tiproom trivias, Ridwan hosted a 10 question quiz for 25k $PAR in total. There was another Math trivia for 25k $PAR more. Sweet! Doc Victor hosted a Champions League wager for 50 participants with a 10k $PAR pool.
This PAR logo is entirely made using ASCII code. Courtesy: Jose

Tiproom #mememania winners. Alimam and Rogel were tied in 1st place
The winner of the USD 500 BTC aXpire contest was announced this week. Congratulations to yo*******[email protected]! Rohit and my article on how Big Co and Big Guv is using blockchain was published in Altcoin Magazine. Week 39 update from the aXpireverse can be seen here. The weekly 20k $AXPR burn went ahead like clockwork. The latest 2gether app update now allows you to send $BTC and $ETH from your account to any wallet. Noice! The team, in the midst of shifting offices, set up camp at South Summit where 2gether is one of the finalist startups. Click here, here and here for pictures. As a finalist at the Summit, CEO Ramon got the opportunity to deliver a pitch to attendees. Plus interviews by Emprendiendo.TV and Funontheride. Great! The WednesdayClub dApp continues to airdrop $WED tokens every Wednesday. Make sure to get in on the action.
Parachute HQ recently shifted to the WeWork Navy Yards in NYC. Beautiful
XIO’s Binance Dex listing proposal* was submitted this week. For listing on the Dex, all projects submit detailed proposals and answer questions from the Binance Node operator community who then evaluate and decide on the listing. Read more about it here. Plus, there’s a hint of an $XIO doubling opportunity in there. The full roadmap (XIO Atlas) was also released with the proposal. An updated promo video came out as well. $XIO distribution to the giveaway winners was completed this week. In this week's discussion threads, Zachary talks about leverage, ERC20-BEP2 bridge, XIO capital and how many native tokens will incubated startups share with XIO citizens. The $BOMB Instagram is now handled by the community. So the BOMB Board opened up a proposal form for opinions from the community on how best to manage it.
\[As shared in last update, the switch to Binance Chain has been shelved. $XIO will stay on Ethereum. But there will still be a token swap. Details will be shared in a later update]*
Two updates back we saw the WIP version. Here’s the full version of XIO Atlas
The $ETHOS token will be rebranding to Voyager ($VGX). The new token will be unveiled in November. Please note that there is no contract swap. This will simply be a rename. You can read more about it here. The bitcointalk Ann goes into even more details on the rebranded token’s use-cases. Understandably, there were lots of questions that came up. So the team arranged an AMA. If you missed it, check out the FAQ. Voyager also received investment from Thrust Capital through a private placement this week. Nice! Congratulations to Bounty0x for getting accepted to the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator program. This is huge! The latest update is a great summary the past quarter @Bounty0x – reaching minimum fund raise goal on Republic, new features like Admin Notes, $BNTY staking, integration with Bloom and KABN etc. Fantom hosted an AMA with G.Crypto this week. CMO Michael shared a formalised roadmap article as well to answer all “when” questions. Plus, click here for some cool pics from CryptoBazar Serial Hacking meetup which the $FTM team attended. Uptrenndians, don’t forget to read the $1UP tokenomics update. It explains how the token velocity will work in a way such that everyone gets an equal opportunity at stacking $1UPs no matter when they join. BTW, if you didn’t notice yet, Uptrenndian made it to the Urban Dictionary. You can vote to keep it there forever. Let’s go! One way to beat Monday morning blues is a healthy dose of Meme Mondays while watching the site climb up the Alexa rankings. Haha. And finally, the team announced a partnership with Xord who will work on the blockchain solutions on the platform.
Parachute investor deck sneak peek
Mycro conducted KYC for bounty hunters and started a campaign to stop fake entries. OST-backed Pepo app moved to the first live beta stage this week as a precursor to a formal beta launch and presentation at Ethereum DevCon5 in Osaka next week. The team also shared details of how to hop in for a free Shabu Shabu dinner and pub crawl for Pepo beta users at DevCon5. And on top of that, a massive bounty for sharing IRL experiences on Pepo. Dang! Another bounty for usability testing of Pepo with the UX Team was also launched. 3k $OST for each selected participant. Say what! The OST-backed LGBT token now has 4k+ users thanks to the Hornet app. Well done! SelfKey announced a partnership with social watching platform Livetree for providing them KYC compliance solutions during onboarding process. Make sure to read the post to find out how to get a 90-day free subscription on the platform. If you haven't yet watched Constellation advisor and former Sanrio CEO Ray Rehito Hatoyama's interview with Co-Founder Benjamin Jorgensen, you can read about it in The Daily Chain's detailed coverage. If you're a $DAG node operator, this tweet will be of interest to you. Hint: onboarding has started. Folks who missed Constellation's AMA with tehMoonwalkeR can catch up from the transcript. And finally, Arena Match hosted a flash giveaway. Eagle eyed fans got their hands on some sweet $AMGO!
Pepo ready to make waves at DevCon5
The month gone by at Opacity saw a 20% increase in new accounts and a ~20% return rate on the site. Read more performance metrics from CEO Jason’s round up article. This month will see a slew of new features like integrated gift card payments, plan upgrades, folder upload etc. A productive community doesn’t stop BUIDLing. Check out ImgOpq which is a community run imageboard that works with public Opacity handles. Fun! Catch up on the latest at District0x from the weekly and dev update. Plus, a shoutout to Ethlance from Jaide of Cryptalk was pretty cool. More partners joined the Hydro dApp store this week including Temporal, MESG and Colony. Hydrogen won the USA Nationals of the BBVA Open Talent Award which is one of the world’s largest fintech startup competitions. As a result, the team won the opportunity to present at the BBVA Open Summit in Madrid. Co-Founder Mike travelled to the World Blockchain Forum Conference in NYC to speak on Libra vs Hydro and data privacy. The South African Reserve Bank shortlisted Hydro for an accelerator programme in South Africa which will culminate in a Demo Day at the end of the month. Two winners from the Demo Day will be chosen who will get to pitch at the Singapore Fintech Festival and receive funding. Good Luck! To read a quick dev update, click here. The Sentivate community voted on whether to burn $SNTVT tokens or host a raffle. One way to participate in the vote was by signing a message through one’s wallet. How? Read this to find out. Chico Crypto’s deep dive interview with Founder Thomas Marchi was released this week. Continuing with last week’s discussion on universal domain system, this week we learned about how Domain Information Service works in the Universal Web.

And with that, it’s a close for this week at Parachute. Cheerio!
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Welcome to r/Aergo_Official !

Aergo's Background
AERGO is a public, enterprise-grade blockchain project built and supported by Blocko, Korea’s largest blockchain infrastructure provider with over 23 delivered implementations and over 15 pending deployments. After IBM, Blocko has perhaps the second largest number of deployments in the world with 25 million users in over 20 in-production systems. Blocko now develops AERGO: a fourth generation blockchain and IT platform based on a hybrid-blockchain architecture and a delegated proof of stake consensus model. Blocko will be the Service Provider to the Open Source Platform of Aergo.
The Problem Aergo is Tackling
Today, the development and deployment of blockchain protocols and applications fail to offer enterprises the scalability, distributed governance and enhanced confidentiality they want without surrendering the inherent security and immutability they demand.
The Solution With the ability to deploy on either public or private blockchain networks, AERGO gives businesses the flexibility in developing and deploying blockchain applications with unparalleled speed, scalability and performance.
AERGO is designed as a flexible, plugin-based smart contract infrastructure. Client-actors can execute smart contracts written for the Ethereum Virtual Machine or AergoSQL - Smart contract that enables storing and accessing data and SQL-like scripting language.
The AERGO network will be backboned by github-like public and permissioned repositories of Distributed Directories (DD). Implementing Smart Oracles, AERGO will also allow smart contracts to consume data with external services or internal databases and trigger events.
Governance will be implemented through a Reputation & Proposal Mechanism.
AERGO 3 Functions
1) AERGO Chain - Public Internet of Blockchains (+1 Million TPS with Sidechain Technology) 2) AERGO Hub - Public Interface to the AERGO Chain 3) AERGO Marketplace - dApp Platform, Computing Resources, Storage, Algorithms, Content, and more
Where is Aergo (Blocko) Based?
We are based in Hong Kong and began in 2014 and have an Office in London with further Global expansion plans in line
Aergo Board
  • Phil Zamani Global VP Sales & Biz Dev. Internet Embedded Linux Appliances for Redhat Inc. Global Head of Big Data & Cloud Biz Models at Santander Senior VP of Cloud Biz Unit at Deutsche Telekom 20 years of open source and cloud business experience
  • Hun Young Park Expertise in large scale and high performance software design 12 years of experience in Relational DBMS and distributed solutions Researched and developed various data platform areas and AI KAIST, Computer Science. AI Lab, MS
  • Roderik van der Graaf Founder of Lemniscap, an investment and advisory firm in the blockchain space 7 years of private equity/venture capital at Caldera Pacific and KCP Capital 13 years of equity derivatives trading at Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Rabobank, Bear Stearns, LIM Advisors and All Options B.Eng. Aerospace Engineering (University of Hertfordshire) and MSc. in Information Technology (Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London)
Committee Heads - Won Kim 9 years of experience in Relational DBM 6 years of research & development of distributed systems Boston Univ. Computer Science
  • Alison Shim 5 years of experience in Strategy Consulting at Accenture Expertise in go-to-market, and business development New York Univ. Economics and Communication studies
  • Eddie Alleyn : 35 Years leading special projects for the UK Government, in the Ministry of Defence and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. From 2011-2016 he was Chair and CEO of HMGCC, an agency of the FCO, involved in the design, manufacture and integration of secure communications and cyber systems for the UK Governmen
  • Riad Hartani : 20 years contributing to the development of Internet, Mobile and AI technologies.
  • Joon-Hong Jake Kim : 20 years of combined experiences in capital market, consultancy and large-scale back-end and middleware systems development. Jake currently manages Innobase, a corporate venture capital of Kolon group.
  • Djamel Souici : leading advisor and practitioner in Data Privacy and Regulation (such as GDPR). Djamel, a member of the German Legal Barr Association, has spent the past 19 years as General and Legal Counsel for a number of innovative software firms. He has also developed a number of strategic partnerships with many Fortune 100 firms in diverse sectors
  • Pierre F. Suhrcke : More than 17 years in various senior executive management positions in Investment Banking at Deutsche Bank in London and Frankfurt (Equities, Risk Management and Head of Capital Venture Partners).
  • Vincent Zhou : founding partner of FBG Capital, with extensive experience in digital assets trading and investment. Vincent is also an early investor of a broad spectrum of blockchain companies and projects
  • Sinhae Lee : Partner at GBIC, leading blockchain investments and accelerating robust projects. She led business development and operations at a payment start-up, Coin, which was acquired by FitBit in 2016 and later worked at NerdWallet, a FinTech start-up in San Francisco
  • Julian Lenz : previously been an advisor and mentor to many startups involved with cryptography and enterprise-IT (as part of his Techstars work)
Investors & Key Backers - Sequoia Capital - FBG Capital - GBIC (Global Blockchain Innovative Capital) - NEO Global Capital - Arrington XRP Capital - Dekrypt Capital - DDC (Divergence Digital Currency Fund) - Rockaway Blockchain - JRR Crypto - Block Crafters Capital - Connect Capital - RocketFuel Team - DGroup - J Lab - Crypto Bazar - QCP Capital - Block VC - LinkVC - Alpha Chain - BA Capital - ChainFund Capital - Chain Intelligence - Coefficient Ventures - Columbus Capital - Digital Strategies - HEXA Group - iCapital Group - Kosmos Capital - Noris - SkyTale Capital - Taureon
Blocko's Clients: Deployed Blockchains and Research Conducted
  • Lotte
  • Samsung
  • Hyundai-Kia
  • Cisco
  • SK Telecom
  • Shinhan Financial Group
  • Shinhan Bank
  • Jeonbuk Bank
  • Korea Internet and Security Agency
  • Korea Institute of Science and Technology
  • Gyenggi-do Provincial Government Voting Platform
  • National Korean Exchange (KRX)
  • Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport
  • Bank of Korea
  • Cyworld
  • Korean Government Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)
Technical Questions and FAQ's
What is the Current Technical Stage in Aergo's Project Development and Development Plan AERGO project was launched in April 2018. We have established AERGO for the open source community and supporting ecosystem and includes the design of a comprehensive operating strategy and governance structure for AERGO Public Network, AERGO Hub and AERGO Marketplace.
Below are the proposed next steps:
  • AERGO Alpha version with SQL compatibility (AERGOSQL) – Q2 2018
  • AERGO Beta version – Q3 2018
  • AERGO Test Network to detect areas of improvement – Q4 2018
  • AERGO Public Network (Main-net) – Q1 2019
  • AERGO Hub and Marketplace for business and developers – Q3 2019.
Who is Creating the Aergo Public Network, and Who will Control the Network? The AERGO (not-for-profit corporation) and Blocko Inc. intend to initiate and prime the public network as the first members of the operating committee for the not-for-profit corporation. This is necessary in order to incubate the DPoS algorithm on AERGO chain.
Following the incubation period, AERGO proposes to employ a rules-based automated delegation process to ensure that the network operates democratically. The rules will be based on a scoring system and the AERGO amount at stake.
What is DPOS Algorithm Model? DPoS is an acronym for Delegated Proof of Stake. It is a consensus mechanism that intends to enhance Transactions Per Second (TPS) and the robustness of the network by letting only delegated witnesses (also known as 'block producers') who reside in the network among other stakeholders to make blocks. AERGO chain aims to support various consensus algorithms and allow users to choose and define the exact algorithm they wish to use based on their business requirements. DPoS is intended to be the fundamental and default consensus model for AERGO.
Who Intends to Participate In the Genesis Block of Aergo? The AERGO (not-for-profit corporation) and Blocko Inc. It is proposed that they will generate blocks until the public network reaches 2 million blocks.
When will Aergo be Available for Public Usage? AERGO Main-net is expected to be live by Q1 2019.
Does Aergo Intend to Support Smart Contracts? Yes. AERGO aims to develop AERGOSQL, a new multi-paradigm smart contract engine for AERGO chain. It is a proposed relational data model for storing and accessing data and SQL-like scripting language for writing smart contracts. We aim to allow users to easily create advanced smart contracts using simple structured query language to enable innovative business products and services.
Smart contract execution within AERGO chain is intended to require the AERGO native token to support running costs. Also, AERGO chain supports the Ethereum Virtual Machine to aim to achieve interoperability between different types of smart contract operations.
Can other Blockchain Networks be Bridged on Aergo Chain? We are planning to deliver a plasma implementation that will make it possible to transfer coins and tokens. However, we currently do not have a detailed roadmap to support a general heterogeneous sidechain feature.
Are there Transaction Fees on Aergo Chain? Transactions on AERGO chain intend will be subject to fees. Users need to pay fees depending on the gas mechanism.
What are the Intended Functions / Benefits of Aergo for Enterprise? AERGO is proposed to be a next generation enterprise blockchain platform for utility computing. It aims to help enterprises adopt and utilise blockchain technology for real world applications. AERGO seeks to provide an easy-to-use blockchain configuration for enterprise and SQL-like smart contract language for applications that will serve to autonomise business processes. It is intended that enterprises and IT providers should also be able to participate within the AERGO network as a node or service provider and receive financial rewards in return for their resources and contributions. These activities are intended to create a feedback loop, to help the AERGO ecosystem flourish.
What are the Proposed Functions / Benefits of Aergo for Developers?* The intended main smart contract virtual machine of the AERGO platform is SQLVM. New technologies such as blockchain often introduce new programming frameworks and languages. Some of these are complex to understand. AERGO aims to recognize these challenges and recognizes that millions of developers are familiar with SQL and DBMS. AERGO believes that a developer’s familiarity with a programming language will result in much greater performance. We strongly believe that AERGO's approach - based on traditional, well understood, and easy to use SQL technology - will enable the mass market of developers and business users to benefit from blockchain.
In addition, AERGO Hub intends to grant developers the ability to seamlessly build and control their own private or public blockchain. Many features such as deployment, version control, rolling upgrade, are freely provided to developers to help support and streamline development.
What are the Proposed Functions / Benefits of Aergo for Node Providers? Users who propose to use AERGO Hub can be classified into node providers and node consumers. Node providers are repository providers who agree to supply their physical nodes to AERGO Hub individually. These nodes will be selected by node consumers and configured as a blockchain. Node providers are expected to be compensated through a payment system on the AERGO Hub, where payments are made, directly from node consumers.
What are the Proposed Functions / Benefits of Aergo for Customers (Users/Node Consumers)? Node consumers are users of the repositories that are made available by Node providers. Typically, node consumers utilize the nodes provided from AERGO Hub to construct their own blockchain. On request, node consumers can configure their network requirements to their desired performance needs. In return, node providers are financially remunerated by node consumers as a function on the resources is consumed. Payments are managed through AERGO Hub's payment system.
***Over the next 12 Months, What is most of the Engineering Effort Focused on? Is it to Form an Ecosystem around the Platform, or is it Mostly Integration? The key factor is that AERGO is proposed to be built off Coinstack (Launch Pad), an existing battle-tested platform. Many of the features are already built and we will also utilize existing customers totest the enhanced version. So essentially integration will be a major focus of our efforts. The existing platform will play a critical role for the project in the early phases of AERGO.
How many Infrastructure Providers do you Intend to Have? We can use around 20+ Block Producers ("BP") and 50 BP candidates. There can be many non-BP nodes in the network. In the sub-chain (or private chain) you can change the number of BP and BP candidates. In the case of Public Network, they can potentially be changed by a DAO process. We will analyze other DAO cases, and consider adapting good and proven protocols in the best interests of the platform.
What is the Proposed Gas Pricing Mechanism? AERGO is proposed to follow a similar gas mechanism to Ethereum. Users must pay a gas fee according to the amount of work is necessary for the virtual machine to execute the contract in question. The gas parameters are intended to be calculated and tested on the Test-net.
For More Information, Head over to our Website or ask the Team over at our Telegram
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